Wilmer Useche

Sobre el artista

Patterns, variations, scales, and an arsenal of images with their own grammar unfold on the worktable of Wilmer Useche from Cucuta. From the meditative approach of his creative process, he reflects on the systems of representation to transform, decontextualize, or manipulate plans and real or fictitious images.

In Wilmer’s artistic production converges architecture, drawing, geometry, history, and elements of popular culture. His extensive body of work is characterized by an impeccable formal meticulousness, backed by rigorous research processes. In this scenario, his technical prowess and a broad creative vision converge, bringing structured thought into dialogue with diverse visual references. This process is enriched by a vivid handling of color and a meticulous control of the image that manages to create tensions in perfect harmony.

Useche is not only aesthetically striking, but also emotionally evocative. His proposals, as reasonable as they are incredible, take snippets of the visual effects produced by the errors of digital imaging, as well as weavings of native peoples and their geometric patterns.  The resulting works incorporate a topical feature that emphasizes time as a factor that determines the notion of reality. These drawings, apparently digital in resolution but handmade, seem to go against the grain of the ephemeral and fleeting in the information society, where technology mediates the speed of production, circulation, consumption, and disposal of the image.  Within this awareness of the present, an aesthetic identity of error is manifested that celebrates and elevates the irruption, distortion, or damage, in unique pieces that contrast with the context of technological seriality and mechanical reproducibility.

Through a routine exercise with colored pens and markers, each Technicolor drawing functions as a mechanical and almost objective emulation of technological precision. In them a «Glitch» is intentionally manufactured, a visual effect of errors or transmission failures, through a chromatic saturation that reveals a certain cathodic nostalgia and rescues the tradition of Latin American optical-kinetic abstractionism. Unlike hyperrealism, which seeks to illustrate recognizable fragments of reality, Wilmer’s creations explore the production of a new reality where the analog and digital worlds intersect. 

Useche goes beyond the optical tradition, exploring new frontiers and perspectives for the field of art in the face of the contemporary regime of visual representation. His drawing stands as a gesture of resistance to the proliferation of artificial intelligence as a means of artistic production. In this context, the act of drawing acquires a dimension of conviction and is situated as a declaration of principles, an exercise of reaffirmation of his personal metric and a manifesto in favor of the meticulous relationship between space-time-craft. This is Wilmer Useche’s particular confrontation, an artificial counterintelligence that builds with filigree his own taxonomy of the world.

Biografía del artista

Estudios Realizados

Arquitecto Universidad de Pamplona 2007.

Módulo Historia del arte y la arquitectura, Universidad de Pamplona 2004.

Taller de Grabado en Linóleo e Intaglio, Maestro Alberto Camacho 2004.

Taller de Grabado en Aguafuerte sobre Cobre, Maestro José Antonio Suarez Londoño 2005.

Exposiciones Individuales:


“Metamorfosis de un Mundo exacto”16 Salón Regional de artistas Fundación El Pilar, Cúcuta N.S.


“Metamorfosis de un Mundo exacto”16 Salón Regional de artistas Oriente Museo Antón Bonilla, Ocaña N.S.


“Cartografías” Museo Ramírez Villamizar, Pamplona N.S.


“Dibujos sueltos” Sala Eduardo Cote Lemus, Universidad de Pamplona N.S.


“Dibujos sobre Papel” Edificio Águeda Gallardo, Universidad de Pamplona N.S.

Exposiciones Colectivas


The Corn, The River and The Grave, Museo de las Américas, Denver Colorado. USA.


Dibujar como pensar. Balsa Arte Galería, Santa fé de Bogotá.

Pop Up. Astrolabe Art Gallery, Soho, New York, USA.

Index 22. Lokkus Galeria, Santa fé de Bogotá.


Bienal Sur Juntos Aparte, Museo MUNTREF, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Reunión Gran Colombiana, Museo Casa Natal General Santander, Villa del Rosario, Norte de Santander.

Bienal Sur Juntos Aparte, Museo Nacional de Colombia, Santa fé de Bogotá.

Feria del millón 2021 El poblado, Medellín, Antioquia.

Feria del millón fin de semana, Santa fé de Bogotá.

Colectiva con artistas de la Galería José Amar, El poblado, Medellín Antioquia.

Colectiva con artistas de La Galería online, Santa fé de Bogotá


Feria del millón versión VIII, Santa fe de Bogotá

Colectiva Exposición Narrativas desde la Frontera, Virtual Viajar sin moverse Galería Kiosco, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Arte / Emergencia Galería José Amar, El poblado, Medellín Antioquia.

SRA 17 Salón regional de artistas zona oriente.


Artistas de la Galería José Amar, El poblado, Medellín Antioquia.

Juntos Aparte “BIENAL SUR. Museo norte de Santander, Cúcuta. N.S


“Salón del Agua” Biblioteca Julio Pérez Ferrero, Cúcuta N.S

“Juntos Aparte “BIENAL SUR. Centro Cultural Quinta Teresa, Cúcuta, N.S.


“Hiper Neo Post” Galería José Amar, El poblado, Medellín Antioquia. “Salón del Agua” Biblioteca Julio Pérez Ferrero, Cúcuta N.S.

“De Autor”, Cero Galería, Bogotá D.C.


“Exposición de artistas” Galería José Amar, E l poblado, Medellín Antioquia. “Cúcuta ciudad infinita” secretaria de cultura, Cúcuta N.S.

“Salón de Fotografía Ciudad de Cúcuta “Museo Norte de Santander, Cúcuta N.S.


“Exposición de artistas” Galería José Amar, Sala Suramericana. El poblado, Medellín, Antioquia.


“Exposición de artistas” Galería José Amar, Sala Suramericana. El poblado, Medellín, Antioquia.


“Urbanismo y sensualidad” Museo de Arte Moderno Ramírez Villamizar, Pamplona N.S .Museo de Arte Moderno de Bucaramanga, Bucaramanga Santander.


Colectiva de artistas, Sala de Artes Unilibre, Cúcuta, N.S.


Exposición Salón Regional de artistas VI zona Oriente, Área cultural Banco de la República, Cúcuta N.S.


  • Laureado en el Eeckman Art Prize 2021, Bruselas, Bélgica.
  • Seleccionado por Zona Oriente, Diálogos Regionales Conmemoración 40 años Salón Nacional de Artistas.
  • Ganador de Narrativas desde la frontera en tiempos de pandemia 2020.
  • Nominado al VII Premio Sara Modiano 2019.
  • Mención de honor Salón del Agua 2019. Ganador XII Salón del Agua, Cúcuta N.S 2018.
  • Ganador XI Salón del Agua, Cúcuta N.S. 2017. Mención de Honor Salón Cúcuta N.S 2016.
  • Primer lugar Salón de Fotografía Ciudad de Cúcuta «Museo Norte de Santander 2016.


“Metamorfosis de un Mundo exacto “en colaboración con el poeta Oscar Schonnewolff para el 16 SRA.