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Sobre el artista

Luis Guzmán lives and Works in Brussels, Belgium. He was born in Bogota in 1976.

He has two masters in visual arts and theory of arts and studied in the National University of Colombia.
He has held many individual exhibitions in Europe and Colombia including several colective exbihitions.
Moreover he has been honored with the Prix coup de coeur des amis de la Cambre, Brussels, Belgium in 2015.
For this Fair Luis Guzmán has brougth us this series called ¨Inner Life¨.
The artist uses natural charcoal in all the drawings, these 8 were specially selected from almost 30 works that the artist made for the series. We have the rest of the series in a folder here with Us.
Now we can explain a Little more about these specific Works.
The series is an extensive set of artworks, that explore and reflect the simple or curious life of humans, and allude to a certain spiritual life, that takes place inside ourselves, the light and the shadow constructing unique universes where landscapes, human figures and other elements that refer to a ritual character of the scenes are presented.
In most of the scenes the idea of the renaissance cube is present to define and open the virtual space and the metaphysical nature thereof, in such a way the observer is given a glimpse into a private world.
The lack of identity allows the observer to be part of the scenes. These parallel universes loaded with symbolic elements defy the laws of physics and place the viewer at the crossroads where they have to choose between dreams or nigthmares.
These visions drift between blurred borders of reallity and logic, spaces in memory adorned by absence and ritual that pose big questions about the human condition, each work a window that permits the entry of twin versions of perhaps the same life, representations that suggest sense and purpose.

Biografía del artista

Luis Guzmán Bogota, Colombia, vive y trabaja en Bruselas, Bélgica.


2014-2015 Master en artes plásticas, visuales y del espacio, especialidad (Pintura). Escuela Nacional Superior de Artes Visuales La Cambre, Bruselas.

Master Universitario en Teoría y Practica de las Artes Plásticas Contemporáneas, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, España.

Maestro en artes plásticas, Universidad Nacional, Bogota.


2019 Luis Guzman Recent Paintings, Gallery 15/17, Amberes.

2018 Rites de Paysage, Rossicontemporary, Bruselas.

2017 Silent Hours, Rossicontemporary, Bruselas.

2015 Zoned, Rossicontemporary, Bruselas.

2013 Recent Paintings, Art-Base, Bruselas.

2009 Neue Bilder, Gallery Time, Viena, Austria.

2007 Two, Orpheus Gallery, Limassol, Chipre.

2004 Pentimento, Opus 39 Gallery, Nicosia, Chipre.

2001 Bajo la Noche, Sala de Espera Gallery, Bogota, Colombia.


2018 Prijs voor Schilderkunst van de Stad Mechelen 2018 Grote Prijs Ernest Albert Cultuurcentrum Mechelen.

2018 56e Prix Louis Schmidt, ULB, Bruselas.

2017 La Cambre et la construction d’une mémoire, Hôtel Van de Velde, Bruselas.

2016 Au lieu, Rossicontemporary, Bruselas.

2016 Le Rayon Vert, Triennale de Coups de Coeur des Amis de La Cambre, Hôtel Van de Velde, Bruselas.

2016 Homo Collector, Poliedro Arts, Tabio, Colombia.

2015 Parfois l’énigme, Rossicontemporary, Bruselas.

2014 Au Quotidien, Rossycontemporary, Bruselas.

2009 50 by 50 by 50, Orpheus Art Gallery, Limassol, Chipre.

2002 Ojos-errados, Museo de Arte de la Universidad Complutense, Madrid, España.

2003 V Certamen Internacional de Pintura, Galeria Aitor Urdangarin, Vitoria, España.

2001 La dimensión del dibujo, Sala de Espera Gallery, Bogota, Colombia.

1999 Primer Salón Internacional de Arte Joven, Museo de los Metales, Cuenca, Ecuador.

1998 XVIII Salón Rabinovich, Museo de Arte Moderno, Medellin, Colombia.

1997 Nominados, Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño, Bogota, Colombia.

1996 XXIII Salón Francisco Antonio Cano, Museo de Arte de la Universidad Nacional, Bogota, Colombie.


2015 Prix Coup de Coeur des Amis de La Cambre, Bruselas, Bélgica.

1999 Segundo Premio, Primer Salón Internacional de Arte Joven, Cuenca, Ecuador.

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