Gloria Herazo

Sobre la artista

Get the cover is one of her recent series in which she uses the covers of LIFE magazine, mostly from
the 50s and 60s, ¨Get the Cover¨ summarizes Warhol's idea of ¨In the future, everyone will be world
famous for 15 minutes¨ in it establishes a dialogue between the parts, recontextualizing and giving a
new meaning to the message, being now container and content, a new universe that runs between
embroidery, paintings, appropriations and clichés that reveal new meanings and gradually is moving
towards a greater presence of the thread as a protagonist in her creations.
Herazo, draws and blurs again and again the characters that inhabit her universe of fabrics and
threads, the language of fragility is present when exploring her works, drawings of time and thread,
drawings that struggle to remain, that hide between folds and veils, they want to be seen and
appear, the artist is seduced by the sinuous and rebellious materiality of the thread that wants to be
what it wants to be, finally artist and material decide to be one.
The thread as a line summarizes and syncretizes the image, images that come from old magazines,
magazines worn out not only by their use, but by the doctrines and social norms that decade after
decade still persist disguised in a thousand ways right in front of us, the temptation is present in its
tracings, because it would be enough to pull the thread to disrupt the image or to transform it into
something else…
Thus life, chance and harsh reality transform us daily and play with our fragility, and in the same way
the thread of our lives can be pulled and in one pull end it. We are fragile and impermanent, we are
quantum particles that are part of a whole, so perhaps his images remind us of something we have
already seen or something we have lived and is part of our memory and personal memory of our
own heritage, somehow we are already part of that thread that is taking shape on paper. Transience
and change weave our daily life and in this new proposal Herazo proposes a guerrilla action, of
resistance from the ephemeral as a concept, transposing it before the inevitable, fixing it to its
supports, in some way is building from the immateriality, her works refer to gender issues, to the
mass media and finally we propose a dissection of society.
Adrián Ibáñez 2024

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Biografía de la artista

Realizó estudios de Artes Plásticas en la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Tecnología en materiales en el Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje, Costa Rica e Introducción a la función social y terapéutica del Arte en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España.
Es parte de importantes colecciones como la de Frederick de Goldschmidt, La Princesa Sybilla de Luxembourg

Algunas exposiciones individuales y colectivas: ARTBO fin de semana Bogotá, Drawing Now París 2019, Galería Adrián Ibáñez, Cuerpos Políticos, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Textiles El Nogal Bogotá. BARCU 2017-Galería Espora/Chile, PINTA, 2017, DC Arte, Miami, NUskool Arteria, Art/Wynwood Miami, ArtCali 2015, Allegro Gallery/Panamá, Feria internacional de arte, Art/Cartagena, La Esquina Galería/Bogotá, Galería Ángel Romero (Madrid, España), Galería Fundación Araguaney (Santiago de Compostela, España), Fundación Gilberto Álzate Avendaño (Bogotá), Cámara de Comercio (Bogotá), Sincronía (Bogotá, Colombia), Fundación María José Jove (La Coruña, España), Berliner Liste, (Berlín, Alemania), XIII Premio Terras de Iria, (Galicia), Entremundos (Huelva), AAF (París, Francia), AAF (Bruselas, Bélgica), Biblioteca Luís Ángel Arango (Bogotá), Museo de arte Universidad Nacional (Bogotá), Galería Club el Nogal (Bogotá), Casa de la Moneda – Banco de la Republica (Bogotá).

1992 – 1997 Artes Plásticas. Universidad Nacional de Colombia

2002 Tecnología en materiales. Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje INA. Costa Rica

2008 Introducción a la función social y terapéutica del Arte. Universidad Complutense. Madrid


2018 Fundación Corazón Verde, Bogotá
2015 “Trastornos Adjetivos”, Allegro Gallery, Panamá.
2014 “Cartografía de lo cotidiano”, La Esquina Galería, Bogotá, Colombia.
2013 “Dictaduras Domésticas”, BIBLORED, Biblioteca pública Virgilio Barco, Bogotá, Colombia.
2011  “Consejos Útiles”, Galería Ángel Romero, Madrid, España.
“En Pausa”. Galería Caroní, Fundación Araguaney, Santiago de Compostela, España.

2007  Pintura. Galería Ángel Romero. Madrid, España.

2006  Pintura. Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño. Bogotá.

2005  In Fracciones. Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá. Arte Cámara Bogotá.


Luxembourg Art Week
ArtMarket Budapest

Luxembourg Art Week
Amsterdam Affordable art Fair
ArtMarket Budapest

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Drawing Now París –Adrián Ibáñez Galería
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Galería Neebex. Solo Project
“Subasta The Secret”
Galería Cero, Bogotá.

“Subasta Sincronía”
Galería La Localidad, Bogotá.

Galería La Localidad, Bogotá.

“Subasta Sincronía”
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