ART ON PAPER in colaboration with BOZAR.
5 – 9 September – BRUSSELS

Visit us in the booth #39

Adrián Ibáñez Galería

Ravenstein Circuit, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels

We are Adrian Ibañez Gallery, the first and unique gallery in Colombia and possibly in Latin-America, placed in a little town in the country side. We are glad to be part of Art on Paper with our young and powerful artist Felipe Bedoya. Through his works we can travel between realism and magic realism in Colombia. The artist merges drawing and photography to present us a new and exceptional pieces that contains striking and poetics images from our land….from our people. Felipe Bedoya speaks about bio- diversity, human being, the life of solitude places of Colombia, places that exists not only in our memories or in our dreams, he creates a nowhere land. This nowhere land is plenty of possibilities, possibilities that are fulfill by you. Felipe Bedoya puts a trap, hides and waits for you to seek and find, what the representation means. The meanings are inside his poetics and metaphors, Bedoya’s works (drawings) could only be completed by you.